Slack is a collaboration hub that enables real-time communications and connections in a searchable platform for real-time messaging, content sharing, learning, and more.

A new Slack interface is coming on Jan. 3! Find out more.


  • Organized Conversations
  • Direct Messaging
  • Shared Channels across Workspaces
  • Searchable History
  • Apps and Integrations
  • Screen Sharing
  • Voice & Video Calls
  • Integrated File Sharing
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slack?

Slack is a central collaboration hub for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff can easily collaborate on projects, committees, administration and other topics. Staff can make operational communication even more effective by avoiding lengthy and complicated email chains. Ultimately, this real-time solution makes working together even simpler. Learn More

How does Slack enable collaboration?

Slack supports messaging, file sharing, and integration with other apps. It brings threads of communication and files into one place, where they’re instantly searchable and available wherever you go.

How does Slack work?

Check out this Slack demo to see how the app can be used to support teams, departments and organizations like USC. You may also reference our quick reference guides which highlight key features of the app.

What is the difference between Slack and other platforms?

Review this matrix to compare the features of Slack with other platforms.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is a separate instance of Slack that sits under the USC Enterprise Grid. A workspace has its own administrators and permission settings, and its own members, channels, and apps to enable a large group of people to collaborate long term.

What is a channel?

A channel is a context-based conversation where groups of people can communicate, and interact with information related to a common topic (e.g., project). These can be public or private, and can be within a single workspace or shared across multiple workspaces (i.e. organization channels like #its-announcements).

Who can use USC Slack Enterprise?

Slack is available to active faculty and staff as well as active affiliates. Slack will also be available to students in the near future.

What if I have a Slack Workspace?

If you are the owner of a Slack workspace that you would like to migrate into the USC Slack Enterprise, please submit a request to  The plan is to migrate all existing workspaces under the larger enterprise grid to enable greater collaboration amongst our faculty and staff.

How can I join the Trojan Talk workspace that is open to everyone at USC?

All active faculty and staff have access to the Trojan Talk workspace. To join the Trojan Talk workspace, go to and click on the View Details button under Trojan Talk. Then click on the green Join and Launch Slack button. Once you are in TrojanTalk you will see a variety of channels you can join in the left column.  The Welcome channel provides tips on how to get started with Slack.

How do I set up a new workspace or channel?

Faculty and staff should contact their school or unit IT support department to request a new workspace or a channel within an existing school or unit workspace. Contact information for school and unit IT departments is found at

For other Slack requests, please email

How do I download the Slack app?

To optimize Slack’s features, download the app onto your desktop and/or mobile devices. Download the Slack app at

Are there any USC Policies around the use of slack?

Use of Slack is governed by USC’s polices including those found at:

How do I learn how to use Slack?

Can I update my Slack profile and photo?

You may update your profile (i.e. name, job description or title, phone number, time zone, etc.) as well as photo in Slack.

How are security provisions managed in Slack?

All faculty and staff authenticate through Shibboleth to access Slack.

Is Slack FERPA compliant?

Yes. Slack is approved to use in accordance with USC’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and student privacy policies. Please note, there are specific requirements related to disclosing identifiable student information to others. Contact or, if you have questions.

Is Slack HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Slack is approved to use in accordance with USC’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) policies. Please note, there are specific requirements related to disclosing protected health information to others. Contact or, if you have questions.