Google and Microsoft Changes – Faculty and Staff


Google and Microsoft have changed their licensing model and associated charges with storage. Prior to this milestone, as an education customer, they did not charge USC for resources. This arrangement resulted in USC / ITS not applying usage limits or storage controls. This is the first round of changes.

Key Benefits: Why it’s being done 

  • Cost avoidance: Since Google and Microsoft are now charging for storage, these measures will save the university money
  • Enhanced Support: Customer support Center will be able to provide students with an increased level of support.
  • Improved Security: Increases the university’s ability to protect accounts from cybercrimes.

Project Timeline 

  • Fall 2023: Set Quota on all individual, affiliate, and organizational accounts to 100GB. Discontinue all new Google Shared Drives for non-department-sponsored user requests.
  • Microsoft limits will be set to 250GB for individuals and 100GB for iVIP and organizational accounts. New Microsoft SharePoint sites, Teams, and Microsoft 365 Groups will need to be approved and submitted by ServiceNow Catalog request by local IT teams before they are created.
  • Spring 2024 chargeback for sponsored shared drives will begin.

What you need to know 

  • All individual Google accounts will be limited to 100GB. 
  • All individual Microsoft OneDrive accounts will be limited to 250GB and 100GB for iVIP and organizational accounts.
  • In the event the storage limit is exceeded:
    – Adding or modifying documents will be restricted until the storage amount is below the maximum limit
    – Access to files (read- and download- only) and email (sending and receiving) will remain available. 
  • We are partnering with local IT UTC to help manage each unit’s Google Shared Drives.  We will provide a storage allowance for each unit’s Shared Drives; however, controls on existing and new Shared Drives will be implemented, and significant reductions in Shared Drive storage are needed.  In the coming months, if Google storage cannot be reduced below USC storage limitations, departments may be charged for Shared Drive storage usage.  
  • Departments will be charged annually for exceeding an equitable allowance, beginning June 2024
  • Monthly Shared Drive Usage Reports are being provided to each local IT UTC. 
  • New shared drive requests will require approval from the unit’s UTC. 

What to Do  

  • Please review your Google account storage usage at to ensure your usage does not exceed the established maximum limit of 100GB.  Review your Microsoft OneDrive for Business storage at to ensure your usage does not exceed the established maximum limit of 250GB.  Note that iVIP and Org OneDrive accounts will be limited to 100GB.
  • If you need more storage, move your files to Microsoft 365.  For more information, visit
  • Contact your local IT UTC for additional alternatives. 
  • For researchers with large data storage needs, visit  
  • Shared drives will be allotted a set amount per department (TBD based on final storage available). All new shared drives will be requested through head departments (UTC will submit ServiceNow request). Students who want Shared Drives will go through UTC sponsors. Anything over the allotted limit will be charged annually starting in June 2024. 

For more information on moving your Google Drive files, visit