Google Changes – Students


Google has changed its licensing model and its associated charges with Google storage. Before this milestone, as an education customer, Google did not charge USC for resources.  This arrangement resulted in USC / ITS not applying usage limits or storage controls. 

What to Know

ITS will begin to implement the following approved changes: 

Current Student 

All individual, affiliate, and organizational accounts will be set to 100GB.

All Shared Drives for non-department-sponsored users will be discontinued.

  • Access to files (read- and download-only) and email will remain available even over the limit.
  • Adding or editing documents will be disabled if the account is over the limit. 
  • Students will no longer be able to create new Google Shared Drives. You can continue to share files and folders from your account’s MyDrive. Contact your local IT department if you have a unique use case that necessitates a Shared Drive. 
  • Shared Drive switch from Self-service to IT leader or faculty sponsorship starting today.

 Students Who Have Left the University 

  • Based on the new university access management standard
  • Disable access for students who have a conferred degree (i.e., graduated) approximately one (1) year after the end of the student’s last enrolled semester 
  • Disable access for students who leave the university for any reason approximately two (2) years after the last enrolled semester
  • Email and Storage accounts will be deleted when the separation date exceeds two years. Forwarding to other accounts will also be deleted.  
  • File a formal leave of absence if you are not currently enrolled but plan to return to the university to ensure your files are available upon your return.
  • You can apply for an alumni account.
  • Shared Drives must have an owner who is a current faculty or staff or the drive will be deleted. 

What to Do  

Current Students 

  • Please review your Google Drive content ( to ensure your storage usage does not exceed the established maximum limit of 100GB. Review information for managing your storage. 
  • To move data to your personal account, use Takeout or move to OneDrive with Mover.  Additional online storage is available to you with Microsoft OneDrive (part of Office 365). For more information, including tools for moving data out of your USC Drive, review this information page
  • Delete files and photos from your Google Account Drive and Photos applications and not just copy them. 
  • If you require a new Google Shared Drive, please identify a faculty or staff member who will be the owner of the Shared Drive and have them contact your local IT department to provide justification. If you currently have a Shared Drive, it must have a staff or faculty owner, and it must be approved by your local IT department, or it will be deleted. 
  • If you are not enrolled but plan on returning to the university, please file a formal leave of absence at to ensure your stored files are available upon your return. 

 Students who have left the university 

  • Transfer to your personal Google account and/or download any necessary files, photos, and email messages from your Google account.  Please delete all your files and photos from your USC account after you have retrieved those you choose.  Download any files needed from the Shared Drives you own, then delete your Shared Drives. 
  • Visit Google Migration Tools for information about tools to transfer or download your files, photos, and email. 
  • If you are planning to return to USC, please file a leave of absence to ensure your stored files are available upon your return. 
  • If your shared drive is no longer needed or has no current faculty staff or owner, you should download the data you need and delete your shared drive. 

For more information, see USC Storage. If you have additional questions or feedback, contact ITS Service Desk at 213-740-5555 or email