How can I get and see the new update?

The update will be automatically rolled out to everyone at USC on Jan. 3, 2024. You may need to refresh your Slack desktop app and mobile app to update. To refresh your apps:

  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + R
  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + R
  • Mobile: Close and reopen the app.

After refreshing your Slack desktop app, a high-level click-through tour will be available for you to explore the new Slack experience and will conclude at the Slack Help Center with additional resources.

Can I switch back to the old interface?

It’s not possible to revert to the previous Slack interface.

To share your feedback on the new design, open the Slack desktop app and click the question mark icon in the top right. Then, click Give feedback on the new design below the search field.

How do I switch between workspaces? You can switch between workspaces by clicking the workspace icon in the top left corner of the Slack desktop app. If you regularly use multiple workspaces, click Show workspace switcher (or click ⌘+ Shift + S on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + S on Windows) to always show each of your workspace icons in the sidebar.

How do I access a specific workspace individually?

By default, your sidebar will now show “All workspaces” when listing your channels, but you can filter by workspace to focus on a specific workspace and its channels, DMs, and apps. Click the “All workspaces” drop-down at the top of your sidebar to select the workspace name you want to access.

I have too many channels in my sidebar now, and some I want to hide so I’m not distracted. We recommend organizing channels in custom sections. Custom sections can be collapsed or set to have unique sorting and view preferences.

Will my apps installed on a workspace still work as expected in the new experience?

All of your apps should still work without any changes. In some cases, Slack may ask you which workspace you would like to take an action in when using an app.

How will I know which workspace I am working in?

You will be able to see workspace info easily in channel details. You’ll also encounter workspace info when taking an action that requires a workspace — eg. creating a channel, inviting a person, accepting an invite, etc.

Will my shortcuts still work as expected in the unified workspace view?

The shortcut (aka “slash commands”) are workspace-aware. Slack will make relevant suggestions based on the channel you are working in. If you invoke a slash command manually by typing–versus selecting from the suggested list–Slack will pick the relevant workspace automatically when possible. In some cases, Slack may ask which workspace you would like to take action in.

Will I have to rename my channels with the same name in different workspaces?

No, for any duplicates Slack will always show the workspace name after the channel name. For example, for channel #general.

Where did my profile and status go?

Your profile and preferences menu location has changed, and it is in the bottom left corner of the Slack desktop app and Slack in a browser.

My Slack theme changed with the new design. How can I get it back?

Some legacy themes are no longer available. To choose a new theme, click your profile picture in the bottom left. Select Preferences from the menu, then click Themes. Feeling adventurous? Click Surprise Me for a randomly generated theme.

Where are my workspace icons and where can I see the notifications?

With the update, all the workspace icons are now in a single icon. If any workspace has a notification for you, it is displayed next to the new consolidated icon. You can check the Activity area, where you can see all your mentions, reactions, threads, and app notifications.