Manually Create a Course

How to manually create and link a new course in Gradescope.

Add a Class Roster

How to add a roster once you have created a course.

Assignment Types

Understanding the different assignment types in Gradescope.

Create Homework or Problem Set Assignments

How to create homework assignments in Gradescope.

How Students Submit Homework Assignments

How students view and submit assignments in Gradescope.

Link Gradescope Assignment to BB Assignment

How to link an assignment in Gradescope to an assignment in Blackboard.

Grade an Assignment

How to grade an assignment in Gradescope.

Publish Assignment Grades

How to publish grades from Gradescope to your LMS.

How to View Assignment Statistics

How to view and understand assignment statistics in Gradescrop.

Create Online Assignments

How to create an online assignment in Gradescope without a template.

Grade Online Assignments

How to review automatic grading and manually grade assignments in Gradescope.

Create Programming Assignments

How to create programming assignments in Gradescope.