Google Storage

What is Google Drive

  • Google Drive is a cloud storage service.
  • It allows you to store, share, access and update your files in real time from any device

How Can I Use Google Drive

  • Google Drive can be used to store documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.
  • You can invite others to view, download, and collaborate on files.

Access Google Drive

  1. Open your browser (Chrome is recommended).
  2. Go to
  3. Log into Google Drive using your USC e-mail. You will be signed into Google Drive through Single Sign-on.
  4. In the upper left-hand corner, click to add new folders and files to Google Drive.
  5. To share a folder or file with another USC:
    1. Right-click on the item you wish to share.
    2. Click .
    3. In the People field, enter the e-mail of the person you wish to share with.
    4. Click to share the folder or file. The recipient will now be able to view and edit the content.
  6. For additional instructions on how to use Google Drive, go to the Google Drive Support