After Class

Remote Learning and Well-Being

Find tips on well being as well as resources to support your well being while you learn remotely.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Studying from home can be stressful, so experiment with different strategies that might help you manage the stress.
  • Try working in 30-minute or 1-hour increments and spend the last 5 minutes doing some light exercise (e.g., jumping jacks, push-ups, air squats). You can study in athletic clothes to stay motivated (and comfortable)!
  • Try to take a daily walk outside, especially if you are staying in a place that is restricting gatherings and other kinds of socializing.
  • Try to keep healthy snacks around, but don’t beat yourself up for the occasional lazy day and bowls of ice cream.
  • If the news and social media are creating stress, try putting your phone in airplane mode, even for short periods of time.
  • Schedule video study groups and social time. Texting in real time provides some connection, but seeing the face of a friend or classmate can actively decrease your sense of isolation.
  • Do whatever you can to make your workspace as soothing as possible. Flowers, house plants, good lighting, and pictures of beautiful places can create a sense of peace.

Reach Out

  • Know that these are unprecedented times and are bound to be difficult. Remember that you are not alone. Check out our page for Mental Health, Well-being, and Support Resources for Students.
  • If you need to connect with a counselor, check out the Counseling and Mental Health Services to book individual and group counseling sessions as well as workshops for help with anxiety, sleep, and other topics.
  • To help with stress reduction, attentiveness in the classroom, and happiness, consider partaking in mindfulness practices. Download the Mindful USC app and learn more about building a culture of mindfulness and compassion on the Mindful USC page.