Zoom Prep Checklist

Tips and Tricks to Help You Prepare for Remote Learning

Below are a few suggestions to help you be successful during the remote learning experience.

We understand that each person’s environment and experience will differ in an online learning space, so control what you can. Be sure to inform your professors if you have any challenges that they should be aware of.

We recommend that you do what is best for you and your particular situation to help you create a learning atmosphere where you can stay healthy and focused.

Before Class

My Wi-Fi connection is stable and my laptop is charged.
I have communicated with my professor if I require any additional support.
I have communicated with my professor if I have a situation that they need to be aware of.
I have prepared my daily schedule and have set goals for myself.
My workspace is quiet, well-lit, and has considerations for visibility, basic courtesy, and comfort.
I have signed into Zoom using my USC credentials (SSO), and have muted my microphone.

During Class

I am aware of my professor’s Zoom expectations.
People in my learning environment are mindful of my class schedule.
I am prepared to engage and participate in class, including in breakout rooms and discussions.
My microphone is muted and my camera is on (based on class expectations).
My workspace is void of distractions (phone, TV, music, social media, etc.).

After Class

I have saved my notes and have recorded any homework that needs to be done.
If there are any group assignments, I know how to contact my classmates.
I have scheduled time to decompress, socialize, and relax during the day.
I am enjoying healthy snacks and have planned time to enjoy a meal.
I am keeping myself hydrated.
I am taking short exercise breaks to keep myself active and energized.
I am focused on completing my tasks and goals while avoiding procrastination.