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Blackboard is available to all faculty and students. If your school uses a different online platform, please consult your school’s IT department.

Please view all the videos and quick reference materials for Blackboard Assignments, Turnitin Assignments, Tests, and Respondus.

For information about selecting the appropriate Blackboard tool, click Selecting Online Assessments.


The basics Blackboard assessments.
Overview Video

Blackboard Overview (1:33)

Quick Reference Documents

Blackboard Quick Reference Guide
Respondus Quick Reference Guide

Create, edit, and grade assignments in Blackboard.
Overview Video

 Assignments (4:11)

Step-by-Step Videos

Create Assignment (2:54)
Edit Assignment (1:20)
Grade an Assignment (1:35)

Turnitin Assignments
Create, edit, and grade Turnitin assignments in Blackboard.
Overview Video

Turnitin Assignments (3:15)

Step-by-Step Videos

Create Turnitin Assignment (1:25)
Edit Turnitin Assignment (1:06)
Grade Turnitin Assignment (2:37)

Build, edit, and deploy tests, create test questions, test your test, and grade a test in Blackboard.
Overview Video

Create Tests (5:47)
Deploy Test (3:56)
Grade Test (1:44)

Quick Reference Documents

Create a Test
Deploy a Test
Test Your Test in Blackboard

Step-by-Step Videos

Build a Test (1:09)
Create True-False Question (2:11)
Create Multiple Choice Question (2:25)
Create Essay Question (1:50)
Create File Response Question (1:52)
Create Multiple Answer Question (2:41)
Edit Test Questions (2:12)
Copy Test Questions (2:04)
Test Your Test (1:28)
Deploy Test (3:44)
Grade Test (1:48)
Edit Test Options (1:16)
Copy a Test (2:52)

Respondus Tools
Activate Respondus tools for a test in Blackboard.
Overview Video

Respondus (2:49)
Protecting the Integrity of Online Exams (3:19)
Preparing an Exam for Use with LockDown Browser: Blackboard Learn (1:57)

Quick Reference Documents

Activate Respondus for a Test

Step-by-Step Videos

Activate Respondus (2:53)

Advanced Respondus Knowledge Base

For those with advanced Respondus abilities, please refer to the official Respondus Knowledge Base for questions you may have.

Additional Blackboard Help

About Blackboard

Blackboard is the university’s Learning Management System hosted in the cloud. It can be used by instructors to post and distribute course content such as syllabi and handouts; to communicate with students via discussion boards, announcements, and email messages; to collect student work and assignments; to assess student learning through quizzes and online assignments, and to grade assignments. Blackboard Collaborate also allows for face-to-face interaction and even breakout rooms for small group discussions.