Exam Administration & Proctoring Tools

Zoom and Blackboard (with Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor ) can each be used for administering or proctoring an exam. Features of each shown are below as well as in this quick reference card.

Instructions for administering or proctoring an exam for each tool are as follows.

  • Zoom 
    • Click here for instructions for administering or proctoring an exam in Zoom.
  • Blackboard (with Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor)
    • Instructors click here to activate a test with Respondus tools.
    • Students click here to download Respondus tools and take test.
Feature Zoom

Monitor/record audio/video of student & surroundings during exams to prevent cheating

  • Record audio/video
  • Consent required
  • Record audio/video
  • Consent required
  • Browser locks screen
  • Anomalies flagged automatically

How visible students’ backgrounds are

  • Virtual backgrounds allowed
  • Virtual background not allowed

Avoid over-burdening students who have special testing requirements (i.e. audio, visual, time, etc.)

  • Adjustable test duration
  • Assistive technology
  • Adjustable test duration
  • Separate tests if needed
  • Limited assistive technology

Level of effort required by instructors and/or students

  • Synchronous
  • Additional instructor effort
  • Easy for students to use
  • Asynchronous
  • Real-time monitoring not required
  • Learning curve for students
In-App Communication

  • Chat with host, raise hand, screen sharing, audio/video
  • None, test takers need alternate method to communicate with proctor


  • Small group or individual
  • Dedicated proctors needed if classes are segmented into breakout rooms
  • Easily scalable
  • Download required

Recommended For

  • Greater flexibility / honor system
  • More rigor