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Intro to Zoom

Zoom provides a high-quality, mobile-optimized, video and audio conferencing service for free to all USC students.

Install Zoom

Go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link to download the Zoom app to your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

Start the app and log in using Shibboleth (USC’s single sign-on (SSO) system).

For instructions on how to do this, see:

Test Your Audiovisual (A/V) Equipment with Zoom

To make sure that your computer/device, speakers, microphones, and other A/V equipment work properly with Zoom, visit This site will allow you to easily test your speakers, microphone and camera at any time without having to join a formal meeting or actually call anyone. Additionally, your instructors may send you a test Zoom link to ensure you are able to properly connect to the Zoom session.

Familiarize Yourself with Zoom

The quick reference guide below will provide you with a quick overview on the following Zoom topics:

QRG Name Contents QRG Link

Student Access to Zoom

  • Install Zoom for Blackboard Classes with account
  • Join a Zoom Meeting
Student Access to Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting via SSO

  • Join Zoom Meeting via SSO
Join Zoom Meeting via SSO

Communicating with Zoom

  • Mute and Unmute
    • All Participants
    • Individuals
  • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Raise Hand Feature in Zoom
    • Polling
    • Additional Non-Verbal Communication Icons
  • Chat
    • Send Messages
    • Send Files
    • Save Chat
  • Screen Sharing
    • Screen Share
    • Key Considerations when Sharing Screens
    • Annotation
    • Whiteboard
Communicating with Zoom

Adding a Profile Picture to Zoom

  • Adding a Profile Picture
Adding a Profile Picture to Zoom

Start and Stop Video in Zoom

  • Start Video
  • Stop Video
  • Virtual Background
Start and Stop Video in Zoom

Other links that might be useful

Key Contacts

Blackboard Support

Zoom Support

Local IT Support

The following list will help students, faculty and staff to identify the local IT contact for their schools or departments.
Contact your local IT