Administering or Proctoring an Exam in Zoom

When administering or proctoring exams in Zoom, both the instructor (or proctor) and student should use a PC or Mac app, and will need a webcam, microphone, sound output via headset or earbuds, and a strong Internet connection.


Set Up Test 

  • If you create a test in Blackboard, add a password to the test and plan to send the password to students right after they complete the security procedures at start of the exam. For additional information, review
  • If you create a test outside of Blackboard, prepare a message with test materials that you can send vie e-mail or Blackboard Announcement right after students complete security procedures at the start of the exam.


Schedule the Zoom Session in Blackboard

  • Schedule the Zoom meeting for the exam in Blackboard.
  • When setting the duration, add time for checking students’ IDs, desks, and rooms.
  • Ensure that you select the option to record the meeting automatically in the cloud.
  • Make sure that the following settings are made to testing sessions: Join Before Host– OFF, Password– ON, Screenshare– ON, Whiteboard– OFF, Annotation– OFF and File Share– OFF.
  • Send the Zoom meeting information to students using a Blackboard Announcement.
  • For more information see: Set up and Facilitate with Zoom.


Zoom Backgrounds

For privacy, students can set up a virtual background in Zoom.


Join the Zoom Meeting

Join the meeting a few minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Both instructor (or proctor) and student must have a working webcam, microphone and sound output via headset or earbuds.
  • Instructor (or proctor) should ensure that students are able to share their screens. For more information, see Enable Screen Share for Participants in a Zoom Meeting.
  • If students enter the meeting with their video off, instruct them to start their video.
  • Advise students that they can set a virtual background if they have not already.



  • Ask each student to show their student ID, surface of the desk they are working on and the room they are working in using their webcam.
  • Remind the student of any test administration rules for your course.
  • Ask students to use private Zoom chat to ask questions during the exam. For more information see: Communicating with Zoom.
  • Note: Let students know that the session is being recorded and can be reviewed if there is suspicion of cheating.


Starting the Exam

Upon completion of the security procedures:

  • Send the Blackboard password and/or test materials to students via e-mail or Blackboard announcement.
  • Ask students to send a private chat message to you if they do not receive the e-mail.
  • Remind students about the time to complete the exam and to send a private chat if they have questions during the exam.


During the Exam

  • The instructor (or proctor) should mute his/her own microphone and stop his/her video during the exam.
  • The student should leave their microphone, screen sharing (optional), and camera on for the duration of the exam.


Ending the Exam

  • At the end of the exam, watch the students end the exam or submit answers for grading using the agreed upon process (e.g., submission via e-mail).
  • Students should then leave the Zoom meeting. When students have left, end the meeting for all participants.